Who can stop a maniacal Russian and his private army? Surely not a handful of Cape Town gangsters and an investment banker/ex-scuba diving instructor.

After unemployed Economics graduate Leon Jacobs rescues Sophia Popova, a beautiful but troubled Russian heiress, during a high-risk scuba dive at one of the deep dive-sites of the Red Sea, he joins Sophia’s father’s corrupt investment bank in London. The love-sick and gullible Leon soon starts drowning in the international syndicated crime world of Bogdan Popov, famous for the innovative ways he gets rid of his competitors. Meanwhile, after a series of shocking events disrupt the solitude of exgangster Franklin Benjamin’s existence in a small fishing village off the West Coast of South Africa, he has to make the impossible decision: to rise up from his hibernation and mobilise his gang. Will Leon escape with his life from the global-reaching claws of Popov? And where will Sophia find the courage and strength to slay the inner demons ruling her existence?

Submerged is an international thriller traversing the beautiful City of Cape Town with its adjacent Cape Flats ganglands, the pirate-infested waters off the horn of Africa, the buzzing financial centre of Canary Wharf and, London and the rhino-slaughter fields of South Africa.