Publicity & Praise for Submerged:

  • “An international crime adventure with a South African twist; a stylistic cross between Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Deon Meyer’s more local crime scene: fast-paced, high-flying, gritty, glamorous and violent.” & “Louis is a great storyteller.” – Alex Smith, multi-award-winning Author of Devilskein & Dearlove, Algeria’s Way and others.
  • “It’s a face-paced, exciting novel. You’re gripped from the first few pages. And it takes you all over the place. It reads like a movie.” ~ Tamara LP Williams, interview on ClassicFM.
  • “A thrilling read.” ~ Louisa Treger, Author of The Lodger & book reviewer on Classic FM.
  • “Submerged is without doubt a good debut novel and I believe that Wiid in future will become a renowned name in the crime thriller genre.” ~ Maryke Roberts’ review in (Translated from Afrikaans review.)
  • “It’s not every day that a Chartered Accountant loosen his tie, roll up his sleeves and write a thriller full of intrigue, revenge and action.” – Cover article in 15 July 2016 Vrouekeur magazine, reported reach 300’000. (Translated from Afrikaans review.)
  • “A sizzling thriller.” Sawubona, South African Airways in-flight magazine, June 2016 (reported reach 700’000). Also one of “This Month’s Top Reads” in Sawubona.
  • “A Hot Read for the June Holidays.” ~ Get-It magazine.
  • “This book is sublime, I loved it, read it in one sitting.” ~ Skoobs Theatre of Books.
  • “Submerged, the debut novel of South African novelist Louis Wiid, is an enthralling look into the world of international organised crime, filled with violence, addiction, sex and corruption. The novel explores the darkness of human nature in a cutthroat corporate setting, where people are used as pawns in international power games, and self-worth is based on one’s position in the corporate hierarchy and the size of annual bonuses. The characters are doing what needs to be done in order to survive the shadowy world that they inhabit, and they numb themselves with substances to get through it.” ~ University of Western Cape Graduate Journal of Research & Creative Writing.
  • Interview with Nancy Richards,  presenter of the SAFM Literature show on SAFM on Sunday 24 April 2016. (About SAFM: SAFM is a national English language public radio station with 221,000 listeners. The weekly SAFM Literature show is the biggest book show on public service radio.)


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